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The versatility of our shelters is second to none and they can be utilized for a wide range of industries and applications. Remember that at Elemental, our focus is customer service. We ensure that no matter the industry you're in or the purpose for your shelter, you will receive professional service and a building that meets all of your industry's standards and requirements. Take a look at some of the industry applications below. Contact us or any specific questions regarding a custom shelter for you.


Our agriculture and farming shelters are made from the highest quality PVC fabric and galvanized steel. We ensure that farmers have long-lasting, dependable shelters to protect livestock, agriculture, hay, and machinery. 


The construction industry requires a high level of durability and dependability to protect materials and machinery. Our custom shelter solutions offer valuable solutions that will meet all standards and requirements. 


No matter your specific storage needs, Elemental will work with you to design a building with maximum storage space that is tailored to your specific needs. Our high quality materials ensure safety and reliability for workers and stored materials alike.


We have a team of professionals that live and understand the equestrian and riding industry. Whether it is an equestrian business or you have personal horses, we understand that you want the best for the animals. Our durable and dependable fabric structures provide well-ventilated shelter that creates an ideal climate for the horses. 


Elemental's high quality, dependable materials are used to produce shelters that are ideal for the oil and gas industry. Fabric, steel, or hybrid shelters can be built based on the specific application. We supply everything needed to maintain a functional building for any oil and gas application. 


Elemental shelters can be used for a wide variety of personal or industry applications including park shelters, carports, patios, equipment storage, and more!

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