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We have a team of professionals that live and understand the equestrian and riding industry. Whether it is an equestrian business or you have personal horses, we understand that you want the best for the animals. Our durable and dependable fabric structures provide well-ventilated shelter that creates an ideal climate for the horses. 

The equestrian and riding industry is one that requires a huge amount of time, effort, and money. We know that horse owners, business or personal, want the best for their animals. Elemental can provide a superior alternative to traditional barns and riding areas that allow the horses to remain happy, healthy, and protected.

PE fabric shelters create an environment that is naturally ventilated to help avoid mold and fungus and are built without vertical support beams. This allows for maximum space inside the structure. Whether it is hot or cold, the fabric shelter helps to create the ideal climate for the horses. Our high quality PE fabric covers feature a 20 year warranty, making this option an economical choice.

Our structures maintain the utmost structural integrity and durability to protect all of your investments. All of our frames are built with corrosion resistant galvanized steel that offers a durability and dependability that will endure even the most harsh conditions - working to protect your animals, equipment, materials, and people in the process. Our steel frames come with a 40 year warranty.


The team at Elemental Shelter Solutions are now dedicating their careers to work side-by-side with customers to find the proper solutions to meet their shelter needs. Our primary focus is customer service and we and  have coupled that with the quality, functionality, and efficiency necessary satisfy needs across all industries and disciplines. With Elemental, you will always receive unrivaled customer service and quality shelter that will protect your assets for years to come.  Request a quote today to learn more about the advantages of working with Elemental Shelter Solutions. 

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