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Fabric Buildings

High Quality | Long Lasting | Dependable Structures

Elemental Shelter Solutions offers the highest quality fabric structures at very economical rates. Fabric buildings offer a solution to a large number of problematic situations across all industries. 

PVC and PE Fabric

High Quality Materials




Elemental sources the highest quality PVC and PE fabric for our buildings and replacement covers for your existing building. We utilize PVC and PE because of the toughness of the fabric, superior ability to withstand distortion, ease of use, versatility, waterproofness, and chemical resistance. 

The chemical stability of the material enables it to be resistant to flame, chemicals, and oil, making it the best choice for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses. 

PVC and PE fabric is also quite cost-effective to produce, enabling you to have a high quality shelter at very economical rates. 

Galvanized Steel Frame

Our galvanized steel frames ensure the necessary stability of your building. Steel arches, cross-members and cabling are pre-engineered to the specific design of your structure, allowing your shelter to be built quickly.  Steel also has an unrivaled ability to withstand high winds, heavy snow, and other effects of the elements.


Because steel is so durable and requires little maintenance, it is an economic choice in the long-run.

Protect Your Investments for Years

The quality of Elemental Fabric Shelters will allow you to protect your investments for years to come - regardless of the industry application. With the durability of the high quality PVC/PE fabric and galvanized steel, we offer the following warranties on our products:

Galvanized Steel Frame - 40 YEAR warranty

30 oz PVC - 20 YEAR warranty

12.5 oz PE - 15 YEAR warranty

21 oz PVC - 10 YEAR warranty

Long Lasting Dependability

Elemental shelters can be designed to meet any of your local building codes and weather requirements. Our galvanized steel ensures supreme corrosion resistance and long-lasting value. 


Elemental Shelter Solutions designs and builds structures for a wide range of industry applications including farming and agriculture, construction, commercial storage, and much more. No matter your industry or specific application for the shelter, we can accommodate you with a custom design that meets all industry regulations and regional codes. Visit our INDUSTRIES page to learn more about the range of applications available OR request a quote to speak with one of our professional representatives about a solution for you.

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